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Full Configuration

We have a dedicated team for setting up and configuring your restaurant, and we will work with you to meet your requirements and get your business up and running. We will show you how to manage system settings, and you can always count on us to guide you or adjust settings for you.

On-site installation

Every restaurant is unique; we at Toteat know this. This is why an installations team member will visit your location to perform an initial assessment, in order to better advise you in regards to hardware.

On-site training

Our team performs on-site tutoring and training for system users, focused according to each users' role, getting everyone ready to use Toteat from day one.

Our better support distinguishes us

We feel we're a part of your team, and we're ready and available to help in extended hours through chat, email or phone.

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We offer free remote tutoring that focuses on software features, so that you may always refresh or enhance your knowledge and make the most out of Toteat.

We'll accompany you

To ensure that our start of operations is as smooth as possible, and to minimize risk, we will accompany you, on-site, during your first day using Toteat.

We're part of your team

We are a part of your team and we feel responsible for exceeding your expectations and add real, noticeable value to your business. We act in transparent, proactive ways to make sure you have the best possible experience with Toteat.

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Comment Presets

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Enter orders more quickly using comment presets: Kitchen messages, product comments and cancellation notes, as well as item priorities.

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Tuesday 26, September 2017

Arrange your staff using permissions and roles specific to each user. You will learn: How to add a team member, user profiles / permissions, changing user profiles, activate or deactivate team members.

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Tuesday 10, October 2017

Learn to interpret Toteat's reports, so that you can pinpoint your peak hours and best selling items, as well as top-earning products and loss leaders.

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Tuesday 24, October 2017

Manage your reservations efficiently in order to get the most out of your restaurant: How to place and edit reservations, change reservation status and how to interpret reservation statistics.

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Take Away

Tuesday 7, November 2017

Do you sell items to go? Would you like to speed up the sale process? Then our Take-Away module is for you, discover how it works here.

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Product Images in Toteat

Tuesday 21, November 2017

Learn how to add pictures for your favorite products, this way you can easily identify them when placing orders.

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Cash register closing

At day's end, the business activity comes down to the cash-out balance. How is this done in Toteat? Are there different ways to go about it? Find out which is the right way for your restaurant.

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Toteat's day-to-day usage

Have your server staff learn how to make the most of Toteat. From per-guest ordering to product cancellations, order taking in day-to-day operations is key to your restaurant's success.

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Creating menu items and categories

Make changes to your menu, how and whenever you want! Prices? Item names? Specials? You can make changes whenever you like.

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From shift opening to order taking, this tutorial will help you get started with daily operations in Toteat right away.

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Is there a mistake on a ticket? Did a customer change their mind? No problem! In this tutorial, you will learn how to cancel products and how to follow-up on product cancellations.

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Treat your customers to a courtesy discount or complimentary item, apply discounts to specific items or to the entire bill.

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Per-shift pricing and custom price lists

Manage happy hour pricing and corporate discounts with ease! Surprise your customers with the best prices. You will learn how to adjust prices using price lists and shifts.

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Deliver your best products and menu items right to your customers' door. Learn how to operate effectively using our Delivery module and discover its potential.

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